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With Rach headed back to Abergavenny this weekend, I’ve finally had some time to indulge in some of my nerdistic pleasures. As well as satisfying my mind I figured I’d walk into town to satisfy my tummy, I realise it’s a hideous affliction but like many other Asian people I’m entirely hooked on Nando’s! With no-one to accompany me I’d planned to go early before the restaurant became busy as to be as discrete as possible about my lonesomeness.

Nando's Cardiff

To be as quick as I could, I paid little attention to my bill until I decided to pop it into my wallet at which point I’d discovered that I’d been charged ten times more than I should have, £84.40 to be precise. Now I do love Nando’s but not £84.40 enough! The staff were very accommodating when I explained the mishap and felt a little guilty when the guy who served me came over to offer me a personal apology!

Nando's Chicken Wing

After lunch I had to make my way to Coryton for my opticians appointment at Asda. Now as someone with a speciality in eyes you may raise your eyebrow at my choice of opticians but considering the value they offer compared to independents there’s no competition. My girlfriend pays in the region of £120 for her contact lens supply whereas I only pay £30. Even better is that once I’d paid for my supply of lenses from the online store all my examination fees were waived as well as the complimentary pair of lenses used during my test.

Asda Coryton

The walk to Coryton was killer, I’d been advised to take a bus but recent comments from my girlfriend about my overall pudginess encouraged me to walk back to the centre of Cardiff from Coryton which all in all there and back took me a good three hours. Three hours!

[EDIT] Any positive effect from my walking adventure may have been negated by my visit to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffer this afternoon, d’oh!

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  • Cat

    It’s about £90 actually.
    Over eating until your stomach bloats to twice it’s typical size is uber cool, I’m sure your readers will be impressed.

  • For a change I didn’t overeat, I still have my free whole chicken voucher, I only had 1/4 in an attempt to reduce my intake!


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Text will go here, think of something interesting to write about okay!


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